Gypsy Feet

Today's much needed rainstorm made its appearance early in the day. As it rolled out, and the sun lit up the still wet streets and garden, Sassy cat couldn't help but roam the house looking for the best view of the outdoors.

If you've never met Sassy, you are surely fooled by how serene she appears to be here, pictured above. She's sweet but also very temperamental. Lady - a 40 lb. Chocolate Lab - actually finds alternate routes while walking about the house just to avoid the unprovoked wrath of this fussy feline. If the door is open and you aren't watching closely, she'll be out in a flash. Sassy has the gypsy feet; always wanting to see what's behind the next door. But - no matter how much she'd like to think so - not all cats are made for the outdoors.

If Sassy is ever to escape she jets (in her fastest fat-cat gallop) directly into the moderately traveled street, topples over, and then begins to roll around. The events to follow never fail:
  1. The Blame: "Why did you let her out?"
  2. The Defense: "It was an accident!"
  3. The Chase: "Here Sassy. Here kitty-kitty."
  4. The Capture: "Sassy, you can't lay in the street. You were almost hit by a car. Have you never heard of Darwin, cat?"
  5. The Denial: "Hissss."
Poor Sassy. She comes by it honestly - being raised by me, another sassafras with an intrinsic longing to see as much of the world as possible.

Tomorrow marks 2 weeks until my departure. Traveling to visit hosts associated with the WWOOF organization, I will be living and working in 3 countries over the next 3 months. For my work with various sustainable endeavors, my food and lodging will be reciprocated. I couldn't be more excited. Here's where I'll be:
HOP EN GRUT farm in The Netherlands

The work is mainly in the garden. Keeping it clean, harvesting fruit and vegetables and seeds. And we like it a lot when wwoofers help out in the household etc.

-greetz arthur and benedetta

Les Jardin d'Elise in France

You will participate in the dynamics of the daily work of our gardening  (planting, transplanting, maintenance, harvest, put in the basket and distribution AMAP) and our orchards maintained by our eight geese and our ten hens (size, crop, compote, jams and apple juice, according to the season). A real life of peasants softened by the "hum" of our four cats!

-Elise et Sam

Cascina Ca'Rossa in Italy

There will be a lot of work to retrieve an old plantation of hazelnut and an old abandoned vineyard. We will work in the forest to make firewood and poles for the vines, there will be a lot of work for sustainable renovation of an old house (it will also become the home of WWOOFers) and then we will be working in the garden.
-Pino (Giuseppe)

So long as my gypsy feet don't guide me into the middle of busy European roads to roll around - as Sassy's might guide her on such an adventure - I'll be home in December. This cat is made for the outdoors. 

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  1. You have so much exciting, hard work ahead of you! "A real life of peasants softened by the "hum" of our four cats!" paired with the photo of the cottage makes me feel like you're about to ascend to heaven. And I am jealous. And so proud.